Dozens of Enquiries

We get dozens of enquiries each week on our website about our amazing hog roasting machines the enquires are from far and wide not just in this country but also around the world, we are often recommended by others who have purchased a machine from us before or by people who have stumbled across our website purely by chance. The Titan machine is one of the best selling machines not just in the UK but it is safe to say all over the world as judging by the amount of enquires we receive the machine is made using the strongest materials and we often refer to its strength as that of an army tank! The Titan has room for all the food you would ever need to cook it has two cooking levels one on top and the other on the underside and the underside has a huge glass window for you to peer into the machine and view the food cooking. The Titan is designed for the serious and the beginner caterer alike and the machine is sturdy and looks amazing too! Most that come to us are in the catering field and work for them selves or for a company and we offer them the chance to try before they purchase just to make double sure the machine works for them and this has been such an amazing success as most do really enjoy trying the machine first and when they do nine times out of ten the customers go on to buy the machine. The Titan comes with the stamps of approval the unique CE stamp that is only ever given of the machines pass a series of tests and we are so pleased to say that the Titan passes each one with flying colours! So if your old machine looks a bit worn and tired if you are new to catering and looking for a reliable machine that will never let you down then look no further than us The Titan is the only machine you will ever need and ever really want we cannot stress enough how good this machine really is!