Chicken Spit

Add a show stopping accessory to your Titan hog roasting machine with the addition of the chicken spit. The chicken spit pole and motor allows a whole other level to your hog roasting with capacity to cook up to 36 whole chickens at the same time. The rotisserie style cooker is also suitable for roasting turkey, legs of pork and strips of beef. The chicken spit accessory utilises the rotating spit of the Titan Spit Roast kit and provides a traditional roasting method for delicious meats and a dramatic visual too – something that makes spit chicken roasting a wonderful choice for events.

The chicken spit accessory attaches to the spit pole and uses the spit kit motor to revolve. The products can be viewed through the glass viewing panel as they cook. Whilst the support bars can be raised to bring up the finished meats for carving directly on the machine in the carving tray. Each arm of chicken spits can be detached one at a time, to ensure the remaining chickens stay hot and succulent as you carve in front of your guests.

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