Hog Roast Kit

Our most popular accessory for the Titan hog roasting range is the brilliant Hog Roast kit which comes with a large roasting and carving tray, support bars and stainless steel end plates. For those caterers who want maximum capacity roasting, the hog roast kit is ideal. Whereas the spit roast kit only allows for one hog, the roasting tray can be filled to the brim.Alongside a full pig you could cook pork joints, chicken, lamb racks and jacket potatoes – the choice is yours.

Though a spit provides a cooking spectacle, the hog roast kit still allows for visual drama. Using the two support bars, the roasting tray can be raised for carving directly on the machine so guests can watch caters work as they slice into the succulent results. The hog roast kit is extremely easy to use as it works like a conventional oven. There’s no need to prepare a motor or monitor the cooking process, so even inexperienced chefs can produce delicious results.

If you want to know more about the Titan Hog Roast Kit, our team of experienced hog roasting staff are on hand to discuss the Titan range in more detail. Give us a call today.